{about me}

 I am a wife, mother, and a nurse.  I work as an RN on a pediatric oncology hospital unit part time and love it! The rest of my life is spent staying home with my wonderful daughter and taking care of my amazing husband. I love cooking, baking, eating, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and scrapbooking. My spare time is usually filled with craftiness of some sort. 

My wonderful husband is such an amazing man! February 2, 2009, Ryan asked me to be his wife. We were married August 8, 2009. I am so lucky to be the wife of the most loving and thoughtful man in the world! Ryan is such a good sport. He is working on a PhD in computer science, working a full-time job, and still manages to spend much of his day with Eliza and me.

Our sweet daughter, Eliza has brought so much joy into our lives! She was born May 21, 2010 and has such a great personality and sense of humor. I really enjoy getting to stay home with her and watch her learn and grow!

I am so grateful for all of the wonderful things in my life. And I am so happy that our Savior continues to write a wonderful love story for us! I can't wait to see what He comes up with next!