Thursday, August 25, 2005


So it's been a while, but let me update you a bit on what's been going on...

From August 10 - August 23, I had been working at the Iowa State Fair at Stockman's Inn. It was pretty fun, although the last few days got really hectic as most of the waitresses went back to college. We started out with about 6 or 7 waitresses for each shift, and the last day we had 3. It was pretty hectic and I ended up breaking down and sobbing in front of my boss for 20 minutes after I forgot about 2 tables and one of them let me know of their displeasure.

Lots of pigs at the fair

But that's over now and I think I'll work there next year again. I just won't work any 11am - 1am shifts anymore. (I worked three of them in a row right before the end of the fair.) My usual shift was 9am - 5pm, which I much preferred.

After the fair was over, I started trying to find a roommate up in Ames so I could feel like I was having somewhat of a typical college life (minus the binge drinking/whatever else people think of automatically when someone says "typical college life"). Then my friend Kim called and said she needed a roommate too, so we started looking for apartments in Des Moines (not Ames at all), but this search has turned out to be fruitless and frustrating. Apparently, there is such a thing called "Section 42" which means "low-income." And if you are a full-time student you are not allowed to live in this type of housing. (Even though being full-time and jobless makes me have a negative income.) But maybe this is for the best...

...Because I have been thinking more and more about transferring to another school. I have over the past year been realizing how much I really don't like DMACC and how much I wish that I had never gone there. So I decided to look into transferring to a university (preferably Catholic) with a nursing program. So far I've found Marquette in Milwaukee, WI and Catholic University of America in Washington, DC and Regis in Denver, CO. I requested more information from all of them and am still looking. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be lovely.

And I do feel a lot better now...there's just the issue of letting Kim know that I probably won't be getting an apartment with her because of the possibility of transferring. Hopefully that goes well and I don't loose the few friends that I have now.

But all will come in God's beautiful will, and I just have to be patient. He will reveal the right path to me, so I have nothing to fear!

Jesus, thank You for Your plans for my life. Help me to hear Your call and to follow You wherever you go!

Jesus, I trust in You!

Monday, August 08, 2005


Hey everyone! So I'm home now from my summer adventures! Yesterday my mom and sister and I drove up to Minneapolis, MN to go to the Mall of America for a fun "end of the summer girl's night out." It was pretty fun (except everyone got cranky at times - which I have come to expect). Because NET is based out of St. Paul, MN, I know my way around there fairly well, as I lived around there for part of my life. So last night around 10pm or so my mom wanted to go out for ice cream and champagne. I only knew where the grocery stores were by the NET center, though, so I drove over there and we went to Cub Foods and got three pints of ice cream. We tried to find champagne, but apparently Minnesota can only sell stuff like that in special liquor stores. So we got pina colada wine coolers instead, which weren't very good. After that we spent the night wacthing "Addams Family Values" at the hotel with our mini feast. All in all is was a pretty good little vacation.

And I got this lovely tshirt at Urban Outfitters [shown above] to show off my Catholic pride! Woo woo!

Other than that, I start working at the Iowa State Fair tomorrow!

I hope you all have a lovely day!

God bless you!

Friday, August 05, 2005


So it's been a while since I've written anything on here...

Today is my last full day here in Virginia before I head back home to Iowa. It has been a good summer - difficult at times - but I have had a good time.

Each morning after my aunt's school got out, we went waterskiing at 7am and then I got to go to Mass at 9am! Such a great way to start the morning! I learned to ski on two skis, then I learned to ski with another person at the same time, and this week (after trying for three days) I was able to get up on one ski! (see photo below!) I think I've found my favorite sport of all time! ;)

Last weekend I also got to drive up to Long Island to visit one of my NET teammates, Annie. That was a really good time! We went to a beach by her house on the Long Island Sound and collected a lot of beach glass, which was nice. We also took a ferry up to Connecticut on Sunday so that we could get there (where she lives now - her parents live in Long Island) in time for church and youth group. (She's the youth minister/DRE at her church.) I also made tortillas for her! That was great as it has never been successful for me before.

Then a couple of days later, my aunt and I drove out to Fenwick Island, DE to visit my second cousins at their beach houses. We only stayed one night, but it was long enough for us to go to the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. It brought back many fun childhood memories as this is where my family went each summer when I was growing up and these were the cousins I spent my time with.

Hmmm... what else? Oh yes! I had my 21st birthday and my family flew out to celebrate with me! That was really wonderful. When they were here we also took a daytrip down to Virginia Beach. It was fun because they had these "no profanity" signs that were like the "no parking" red circle with "@#%$&*" inside of it. I thought it was cute. They had them all over.

Well, with that I am going to get going. I hope that you have a wonderful day! God bless you all!

Jesus, thank you for this wonderful summer, full of its joys and trials. I pray that you would help me to take from it what You want me to learn and help me to follow You more faithfully each day. You're the best ever!