Monday, August 08, 2005


Hey everyone! So I'm home now from my summer adventures! Yesterday my mom and sister and I drove up to Minneapolis, MN to go to the Mall of America for a fun "end of the summer girl's night out." It was pretty fun (except everyone got cranky at times - which I have come to expect). Because NET is based out of St. Paul, MN, I know my way around there fairly well, as I lived around there for part of my life. So last night around 10pm or so my mom wanted to go out for ice cream and champagne. I only knew where the grocery stores were by the NET center, though, so I drove over there and we went to Cub Foods and got three pints of ice cream. We tried to find champagne, but apparently Minnesota can only sell stuff like that in special liquor stores. So we got pina colada wine coolers instead, which weren't very good. After that we spent the night wacthing "Addams Family Values" at the hotel with our mini feast. All in all is was a pretty good little vacation.

And I got this lovely tshirt at Urban Outfitters [shown above] to show off my Catholic pride! Woo woo!

Other than that, I start working at the Iowa State Fair tomorrow!

I hope you all have a lovely day!

God bless you!

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I'm like everyone! :-)