Monday, November 29, 2004


I just talked to Cecilia's mother, Sue and found out that I am not going to be able to attend Cecilia's baptism because of some family issues. That is disappointing, but I know that it would be best if I did not attend. I feel bad for Sue, she sounded a bit stressed about the whole thing. Her husband, Pat, said something to her that I thought was just wonderful, though. He said, "If you didn't have anything hard in your life, how would you ever become a saint?" They are great people.

So, come this Sunday, I shall be remembering the Smiths and little Cecilia in my prayers.

Hopefully the problems will be resolved soon!

Friday, November 19, 2004


I just found out that I am going to be a Godmother! :) I am so excited!

So there is this family that I babysit for...the Smiths...and they are the most amazing people I have ever met! The parents are holy Catholics and they have five beautiful children who are all very well behaved! I love babysitting for them because they are all so fun and unique. I am going to be Godmother to their newest, Cecilia who was born in October! I feel so honored that they asked me! They are the kind of family that I want my future family to be like.

So I get to pray for my beautiful Goddaughter every day of her little life!

Thank you Jesus!

Monday, November 15, 2004


So last week, Dana called me and said that her mom had sent her a package and that there was a present in there for me. She told me that she would drop it off at my dorm on Thursday around four. I was excited to see Dana and to see what her suprise was. (I suspected cookies.)

I got back from class Thursday at four and saw Dana's car outisde of my dorm, so I ran up to my room, thinking that she would be waiting for me. She wasn't there, though, and so after fifteen minutes, I called her in case she had forgotten where my dorm was. She said that she had been waiting for me at where I used to cross the street from the parking lot to my dorm but that I don't use anymore because it takes longer than my new way. So she met me at my room and we went to her car to get the present from her mom.

When we got to her car, she handed me a letter from Manuel! It was talking about why he loved me and I was reading it out loud to Dana. At the end of the first page, it said, "...and best of all..." so I turned the page over and saw:

The top line that is tiny says "I'm at the end of the tunnel."

I started crying and walking towards the tunnel, but Dana told me that he had moved and was now around the corner. :) It was such a big surprise! He came up because we started dating a year ago on November 12th. It was super sweet and I loved being able to see him.

All weekend we just did homework! I had five tests to study for and a paper to finish and he had a lot of homework to do as well. Even though we just did homework, we had a great weekend. I am super exctied to go visit him again in December for Christmas! (And then I get to see him a super lot when he [hopefully] comes up to Iowa State!)

Manuel...thank you for coming up and for planning so much to surprise me! You are such a holy and wonderful man and I thank God every day that He has brought us together and continues to guide us in our relationship. are so sneaky! Thank you for picking Manuel up at the airport and bringing him to my place to surprise me! You are the best best friend anyone could ask for! I hope that someday I am able to do something awesome for you like you've done for Manuel and I so many times!

Jesus, thank you so much for the gift of Dana's friendship and for the gift of being with Manuel this weekend! You are the best ever!


My poor little Neot is dead! :( I am not too sad about it because he had been so sick for about a week, but it is sad that he's gone. He had stopped eating and would just like at the bottom of his bowl all day, only coming up for air. It made me so sad to see him sick like that.

I found him when I came home from school tonight. He didn't look alive because his eyes were completely dark and he wasn't breathing. So I had a little funeral for him in the bathroom.

At least he isn't sick anymore...even though he's dead now. He was a good fish and he brought me joy.

Jesus, thank you for my little fish and for all of the joy he brought into my life during the brief time he was with me.

Monday, November 08, 2004

can lions be saved?

I thought this was interesting...and quite foolish. I'm glad he didn't die.

A TV grab shows local resident Chen Chun
AFP - Getty Images
An image taken from television shows a man being attacked by a lion after he crossed a barbed wire
fence to "preach" to two of the animals at the Taipei Zoo on Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

iowa is fun

Last week my family had a foreign exchange student from Chile named Valeria. She was really sweet and I enjoyed meeting her, even though I was only home for one of the days she was at my house. There were several Chileans staying with my sister's friends as well, so they did lots of things together all week. One activity they participated in was a corn maze in Ames, Iowa. (I have personally never been to one, but it sounds like a lot of fun.) They decided to split up (Americans vs. Chileans) and race through it. The Chileans won by half an hour! It was comical. So here is a picture of Valeria at the corn maze. Isn't Iowa the best?


There is a boy who works at our cafeteria who looks a lot like Manuel. So today I saw him and for a split second thought that he was my boyfriend! Haha! My heart stopped and I just about dropped my tray all over the floor. It wasn't Manuel, though, which made me laugh and feel a bit silly. Praise God!

coffee art

Monday, November 01, 2004

happy november!

Here's a super cute picture of Manuel and I from when we went to Steubenville this summer. My friend Christina just gave it to me this weekend. Hehe! Manuel has no beard! He's still cute, though!

mean boys

Last night Amy got three really freaky text messages. The first one said "I'm watching you," so we closed the blinds. The second one said "That's not gonna stop me," So I suggested that we call the police. The third one said "I like what you're wearing." By this time Amy and I were making plans to live in our dorm room for the rest of our lives. We had the door tightly bolted and the window closed and were each being consoled by our boyfriends. The weird thing was that whenever Amy tried to call the number or text something back to it, a message came up saying that it was an invalid number. Amy was asking her boyfriend and his friends to check their phones for that number and updating them at each new text message and on what we were doing about it (closing the blinds, etc.). Amy thought that it might be her boyfriend or one of his friends so I told her to tell him that we were scared and were going to call the police. When she did that, he said "You just got punked!" like that was a really funny thing to do to her. Let's just say Amy isn't too happy with him right now.

That was really mean. I was afraid that we would become human sacrifices in some sort of Halloween ritual or something.

I guess the way he did it was to go to US Cellular's website where you can send a text message and you only have put "To" (recipiant's phone number) and "From" (sender's phone number). So he just made a phone number up.

So don't worry, my roommate doesn't have a stalker, just a mean boyfriend.