Monday, November 01, 2004

mean boys

Last night Amy got three really freaky text messages. The first one said "I'm watching you," so we closed the blinds. The second one said "That's not gonna stop me," So I suggested that we call the police. The third one said "I like what you're wearing." By this time Amy and I were making plans to live in our dorm room for the rest of our lives. We had the door tightly bolted and the window closed and were each being consoled by our boyfriends. The weird thing was that whenever Amy tried to call the number or text something back to it, a message came up saying that it was an invalid number. Amy was asking her boyfriend and his friends to check their phones for that number and updating them at each new text message and on what we were doing about it (closing the blinds, etc.). Amy thought that it might be her boyfriend or one of his friends so I told her to tell him that we were scared and were going to call the police. When she did that, he said "You just got punked!" like that was a really funny thing to do to her. Let's just say Amy isn't too happy with him right now.

That was really mean. I was afraid that we would become human sacrifices in some sort of Halloween ritual or something.

I guess the way he did it was to go to US Cellular's website where you can send a text message and you only have put "To" (recipiant's phone number) and "From" (sender's phone number). So he just made a phone number up.

So don't worry, my roommate doesn't have a stalker, just a mean boyfriend.

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