Monday, January 30, 2006

birthday delight!

This Saturday we had my roommate Meggan's little sister Ginny's 9th birthday party at our apartment. 19 little girls were invited over for the surprise pary, and all of them showed up. It was so fun to see her joy as she walked in to her friends running out from every corner of the apartment! But one of the happiest parts was when, five minutes after everyone else had run out, her big brother, Phillip, who had come home from college for her party, ran out and yelled "SURPRISE!" [She didn't know he was going to be there!] I almost started to cry!

This little girl is so wonderful! The only things she asked for for her birthday were to go to Meggan's apartment and watch "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" with her family and to get donations to give to the poor children in India. What a little saint!

She is also so joyful with life. She loves making little pictures or peoms for people as presents and gets so happy when you make a big deal about them. Yesterday Ginny and I spent almost an hour playing "keep the balloons in the air." It was a good time.

Jesus, thank You for Ginny and her witness of love and charity! Please bless her ninth year of life and bring her to an even deeper holiness! You are so good!

best dad ever [part 2]

In case anyone was wondering who the best dad ever is, it's mine.

So this Friday I was on my way to a friend's birthday party and I stopped by my parent's house to get a few things (I also used the opportunity to drop off some dirty laundry to do at a later occasion).

Well...I ran out of time to do lanudry in the weekend because of events I will discuss later. So I got a call from my dad yesterday and I imagined he was going to ask me when I was going to do my laundry, but he said that he'd done it for me! As if that wasn't good enough of him, when I came over to get it today I picked up the bag and felt something cruncy at the bottom...he had gotten me a little prize!

[My dad loves giving my sister and I prizes.]

He had gotten me some toffee covered peanuts and hid them in the bottom of my laundry bag!

I love dads! [Especially mine!]

Jesus, thank you for my wonderful family, especially my wonderful dad! You're the best ever!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Hello all! Here's a fun little ad from our parish bulletin! (True story!)