Monday, January 30, 2006

best dad ever [part 2]

In case anyone was wondering who the best dad ever is, it's mine.

So this Friday I was on my way to a friend's birthday party and I stopped by my parent's house to get a few things (I also used the opportunity to drop off some dirty laundry to do at a later occasion).

Well...I ran out of time to do lanudry in the weekend because of events I will discuss later. So I got a call from my dad yesterday and I imagined he was going to ask me when I was going to do my laundry, but he said that he'd done it for me! As if that wasn't good enough of him, when I came over to get it today I picked up the bag and felt something cruncy at the bottom...he had gotten me a little prize!

[My dad loves giving my sister and I prizes.]

He had gotten me some toffee covered peanuts and hid them in the bottom of my laundry bag!

I love dads! [Especially mine!]

Jesus, thank you for my wonderful family, especially my wonderful dad! You're the best ever!

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sirhair said...

he's a good dad :-)