Friday, October 29, 2004

fire at 5am

So this morning the fire alarms went off at 5am. Our alarms are rather odd because they sound like a police car siren that goes off for about 30 seconds. After the siren a voice comes on over the intercom that says "Attention! Attention! An emergency has been reported! Please exit the building using the nearest stairwell." After that the whole process repeats. The first time they went off was at 1:30 am the first day amy and I got to school. Neither of us knew what it was, so we just sat in our room until one of us suggested that we leave.

After the RAs figured out that some dust set one of the sensors off, we all came inside and went back to bed.

Actually everyone went to the bathroom first...the line was pretty long. When I got to a toilet, the water was sort of yellow like the person before me forgot to flush except I heard them do it so I thought that was a bit weird. After I flushed the toilet, the water in the toilet was a very dark reddish brown color. That was really weird. And the grossest part was that the water in the sink was that color too so I had to wash my hands in it. It reminded me of the movie "Dante's Peak" when, right before the volcano goes off, the little boy wakes up to get a drink of water and that is what the water looks like.

So besides the fact that the time I got back to bed was so close to my normal wake up time, it was extra hard for me to get to sleep because I kept fearing that my dorm was sitting on top of a live volcano and that Mount UNI could blow at any moment! Luckily that didn't happen.

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sirhair said...

lol... mt. UNI... I'm happy there's no active volcanoes in IA...