Sunday, October 10, 2004

victory for uni!...nevermind

Losing your own homecomming game is pretty sad. Oh well. UNI played WKU and lost 10-17. The game was pretty boring except for the last quarter. But we lost. Oh well. Good job Kentucky...o birthplace of my special friend.

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Go UNI Go!

So I'm a bit frustrated right now because I wrote a letter for Manuel to take on his retreat. It was going to be a really happy suprise, but it didn't get there. So I'm pouting. I know that I shouldn't be, but I am just really frustrated. I think what frustrated me the most is that Manuel said that maybe God didn't want him to get it. Maybe that's the case, but knowing what was in there, I can't imagine that He wouldn't want him to get it.

Jesus, please help me to trust Your plans above my own.


Dana said...

thats alright that you guys lost.. it happens.
hope you stayed in and safe on homecoming.. i heard it was gonna be kinda scary.
looks like i didn't get to see you this weekend.. what about next. we should make definate plans early so it acutally gets done ;)

sirhair said...

now do you understand? I love you...