Friday, October 22, 2004


I am super happy right now. [Actually I just got done crying, but that was because a dog died on TV.] So two nights ago my dad called and said that a counselor at DMACC had left a message on his voicemail offering me a place in their nursing program for next semester. So I called her back and said that I would take it. Then last night I found out that Manuel was accepted to Iowa State. All we need now is financial aid!

This is so excellent! I really am praying that all goes well because it would be so wonderful if Manuel and I could live only fifteen minutes apart rather than however many miles it is now.

I was also worried to tell my roommate that I'll be leaving at semester, but she was really cool with it.

Everything seems to be falling into place! I hope this is God's will for us at this time, but if it isn't, Praise God!

So if you all could pray that the financial aid comes through, that would be amazing.

I am also happy that I was able to buy some things for a certain suprize today! ;)

I also bought yarn to make another scarf since I finished mine. When I was at the fabric store, I wanted to ask someone about a pattern that I got to make an earflap hat, but the store was super busy. So I found an old woman in the yarn isle and aksed if she knew how to knit and she did! So she tried to help me with the pattern, but she said it was really complicated but the best way would just be trial and error. [Maybe I'll try later.] After that we talked about knitting. It was pretty darn cool!

Speaking of knitting, I'd better get back to it! :)

Jesus, thank you for this great week (and for knitting)! I love you!

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sirhair said...

knit knit knit... thats all you do these days... if you start wearing a blue wig... ;-)