Thursday, October 14, 2004

three pages a day keep the stress away

...ok maybe not.

So here's a look at my upcoming week:

Monday: Microbiology test
Tuesday: Nutrition test
Wednesday: Stats midterm test and Psychology test
Thursday: Growth and development test
Friday: 15-page psychology paper due

This means that this weekend, starting today, I must write 3 pages a day so I can get my paper done by Sunday so I have time to study for the tests that I have in every one of my classes. :) Praise God!

So maybe it's a good thing that Manuel's gone this weekend. ;)

But, God is faithful because I don't have school tomorrow so I'll be able to get a lot of work done then, and it is beautiful outside right now...the trees and such, not the barely-above-fifty temps. But even that is nice because I got to finish my scarf and start wearing it! Yay!

Thanks Jesus!


Dana said...

hey, don't forget we have to get together this weekend too..
i was thinking tomorrow night, if that works for you... because it would be awesome.
anyway.. things are getting busy and they are no fun.. good luck with all that work

sirhair said...

It's in the 90s and 100s still down here in tx... ky was in the 50s-70s