Saturday, October 02, 2004

welcome home neot!

Yay! So I got a fish today! I am so happy! Amy and I went to Petco this afternoon and picked one out. Most of them were really sad and just sat in their little glasses not moving, but the one that we picked out was swimming all over and looking at everything. It's so cute! He'll stare at you if you look at him. Here's a picture of what he looks like [almost]:

Neot look-alike

I just transfered him to his little bowl, and he is exploring his new home. I know it may sound very silly, but I absolutely LOVE this fish. It brings me so much joy and I just got it! I really hope that he stays alive!

Jesus, thank you for my little fish! Please help me to do a good job taking care of him so he can life a long, healthy life!

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sirhair said...

I'm so happy for you! I hope Neot has a great time living with you two!