Monday, October 18, 2004

a bit anxious

So I'm a bit anxious right now. Manuel was supposed to have arrived at San Antonio about five minutes ago, but right now he's either in Memphis (hopefully) or still in Louisville. He called me today twice while I was in class (silly boy) so obviously I didn't know he was calling. He just kept leaving a pay phone number, so I called it, but everytime someone answered it, all it did was make a horrible screeching noise and then it would hang up. So who knows what is happening. I will probably be able to talk to him tonight, although I'm not sure because if he's in Lousiville he won't make it back to San Antonio until 11:25 am tomorrow. :-/

I should not be anxious because I have a big test tonight, but I am. I know he's safe, wherever he is, but I always get anxious when I miss his calls when he is not at a number that where I can reach him. I have to go to Mass and Confession in a few minutes, but I don't want to turn off my phone. Obviously having a phone on during Mass is completely unacceptable. Ahhh!

Lord, THY will be done! All is in Your hands. None of my worrying or anxiety will help anything. Jesus I trust in You.

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sirhair said...

My flight was interesting... but now I have a 300$ coupon, had a free bbq pork sandwich and beer, and got to answer questions from some women on my flight... so even though my 3 hour flight turned to 14 hours... all was not lost