Wednesday, October 20, 2004

amazing and wonderful

I love being Catholic so much! I am amazed at the Church's universality and at the great graces God bestow upon her! I would not trade being Catholic for anything!

I remeber one flight to Texas I sat next to a Morman woman. As we were introducing ourselves, she immediately brought up religon, which was perfectly fine with me. She inquired my religon and I mentioned how much I loved being Catholic and how I wouldn't trade it for anything. To this she asked, "What if you found something better?" and I replied that I didn't think there could be anything better.

I am just very very glad that God has placed me where I am and has allowed the Church to work so beautifully in my life.

I am so excited that this is the Year of the Eucharist and that it has just recently been Pope John Paul II's 26th anniversary!

Jesus, thank you for your Church!


Penitens said...

It is great to be Catholic and it is a great time to be Catholic. Sure, there are problems (repeated ad nauseum in blogdom), but there are even more wonderful things.

It may seem like a small thing to some people, but one of the most amazing Catholic jewels that have happened to fall into the span of our lifetimes in the addition of the luminous mysteries to the rosary.

At the risk of sounding like a Catholic geek, I think they're so cool.


sirhair said...

I love the Church so much!!! Orthodoxy is the Most Awesomest ever! ;-) the CFRs rock, and so do the Luminous mysteries! And so do holy beautiful and amazing women like you!

El Burro Gigante said...

Wow, I was just wandering aimlessly through people's profiles when I came across this one. It was obvious that the author was in love with Catholicism, and that got my attention. I agree totally, I wouldn't trade being a Catholic for anything either!