Thursday, September 30, 2004

are you going to pay for that?

Well I just got back from the UNI library. Oh yes yes, what a lovely place! Four floors of books from floor to ceiling...confusion ensues! I am writing a fifteen page paper for psychology, and my teacher insists that we have twenty-one sources, which is crazy, but that's what he wants. Right now I have sixteen which means I'll need five more! So anyway, I eventually found my way around the library after asking the information desk, and I found some good sources for my paper. So now I have a huge stack of books and I go to check them out when I discover that I am not allowed to check out books at UNI since I don't go to school there. [Even thought I live there and pay them for food and housing.] Whatever. So I had to run back to my dorm and get $5 so I could buy a guest pass for the library. At least I was able to check them out, though, since I need lots of sources! God bless UNI!

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sirhair said...

21 sources is incredible! Headache seems more apt than simple confusion!