Thursday, September 23, 2004

rainy days

It is amazing how peaceful rain can be. Yes, it has the potential to get us in a bad mood because we left our umbrellas at home or we actually did our hair today, but the fact of the matter is that it's raining....and you're going to get wet. In just accepting this little fact, suddenly the rain becomes fun. You are free to look about and notice the world that God has created for you to see at that moment. It can be a moment of joyful, grateful prayer to the Creator of all.

Rain reminds me of grace. One of my friends once told me that when it rains, we can make it an opportunity to think of the graces that God is constantly pouring down upon us. This is why rain often makes me smile, if only I let myself see beyond my desire to stay dry and "pretty." My favorite times for rain are at weddings and funerals, as it reminds me of His constant faithfulness.

It may rain when we find it inconvenient, but if we let ourselves become lost in prayer, these moments can be amazing. And, after the rain comes a rainbow, reminding us again that our loving Father will never abandon us.

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sirhair said...

That's a beautiful way of thinking of rain... i like wind... Harsh biting winds make me smile and laugh... It's like God is gloating about how Powerful he is... and he wants me to realise how prideful and weak I am... And all I can do is Laugh at my self and smile at having such a great Creator! Who is so powerful that he can show me how self-centered I am.