Tuesday, September 21, 2004

one-forth over

So today I was informed of the wonderful news that the semester is one-forth over. Now, to say it in this way may sound a bit pessemistic, but I find saying "three-fourths left" to be more pessimistic, so I am sticking with the way I chose to express it.

I just got done taking a nutrition test. It was actually pretty challenging. I am glad that I studied for it. I know that i missed at least one question, and hopefully I didn't miss too many more than that because I can only miss five and maintain an A. If I get less than 80%, it is an F. (Such is the nursing program's grading scale!) I do love that we got to leave after we were done, though. 'Twas very nice!

Well, I am going to read my developmental psych book now and have a nice little (and nutritious, of course) dinner.

God bless you!

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sirhair said...

One fourth! yay! that makes me happy... Only 3/4ths left... the nursing scale sounds scary.