Friday, October 07, 2005

important national holiday

In case you haven't heard:

TODAY, yes, TODAY, friends is


Have some cake, Edward!

Post offices all over the country will be closed, schools will be taking holiday, and, no, the garbage men will not be stopping by today.

So take a moment to say hello to our friend! Post a freindly comment on his blog or visit his website or bid on his EBay item! Make his day, because he deserves it! (Also you should go to the ebay item and read it anyway because it is HILLARIOUS!)

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDWARD ALONZO! Our nation loves you and is proud to honor you this day!

May God bless you abundantly on this, your special day!


Beth said...

Yep Yep...I just found your blog tucked away in my favorite the other day, and thought i would visit and see what you were up to!! And, I agree with today pretty much being a national holiday! ;)

sirhair said...

:-) YAY!

Dana said...

dude. i emailed you. did you change your email?