Sunday, June 11, 2006

leaving calcutta

Hello everyone!

Today is our last day in Calcutta! Kim and I are getting ready to go to Darjeeling on the 10pm express train, and Jill and Kyli and leaving on the 7pm flight to Delhi and then to Chicago. It is so crazy that we're leaving already! I know I've been gone for over a month by now, but it seems so short! I honestly forget sometimes that my life outside of India is not like this every day!

My last day at Kalighat was bittersweet! I had to say goodbye to all of the sisters, volunteers, and patients that I've come to love so much! I did take a roll of pictures, though, so I'll have some good memories.

Friday was also Kim's 22nd birthday, so I went out and got a pinata, candy, and decorations. When I got back to the hotel, I started decorating, but the men who worked at the hotel started to help also. They honestly did a much better job than I could have (mostly because they had a ladder and the ceiling is about 20 feet high!). Later that night, our friend Nani helped us put on our saris and we broke open the pinata with our friends and the hotel workers. The candy ended up all going to four men who worked at the hotel! It was crazy! They were not "share bears" at all! Each of them took three or four turns hitting the pinata and when candy came out, they ran arond as quickly as possible grabbing it up! I think out of all of our friends, I only saw one person get candy! It reminded me of four year old boys, but it was just funny, rather than upsetting.

I also got henna done on my hands and forearms by some of the beggar women on the street. It took about an hour and a half! Afterward I gave them food and one of hte other girls gave them some clothes. It's pretty cool. I also bought some henna so I can decorate Kim's feet while we're on our long train rides to Darjeeling and Delhi!

So we leave tonight, which I'm really excited about. It promises to be a good time!

Thank you for all of your love, support, and prayers! You are all the best!

God bless you,


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