Sunday, March 09, 2008

go find adam!

Being single is always a good opportunity for me to re-focus my life of God. However, it is difficult to do this when all I seem to be able to do is search for a new boy. Whenever I meet a man, or see anyone I already knew who is single, my immediate reaction is to think Are you my husband?

Not a good attitude. Very utilitarian!

In our girls' Bible study, we are reading Chosen and Cherished by Kimberly Hahn. As I was pondering who my new husband prospects are, I picked up the book and read this:

"I was preparing to return for my senior year at Grove City College romantically unattached. I did not want to panic about wheter or not I would find my future husband before graduation, but it was on my mind. I longed to be married, yet I wanted to trust the Lord for the timing.

"When I shared my concerns with Sibyl, she reminded me that God did not set Eve loose in the garden and say, 'Go find Adam!' Nor did he send Adam to hunt for Eve. Rather, at the right time, God made Eve for Adam and presented her to him. Adam awoke to discover the gift God had given him.

"Sibyl assured me that, at the right time, God would present me to my Adam; I would not need to make it happen. For the time being I should let God refine me so that I would become the helper fit for that man, just as he had fashioned Eve" (pg. 18).

These words have reassured me so faithfully! God has a wonderful plan for my life and His timing is perfect! I seem to have a tendency to throw myself at guys, fearing the might not notice me. Each day I realize more and more that Love is Patient and if it is God's will, then it will happen.

Jesus, thank you for the words and witness of Kimberly Hahn. Bless my future husband and allow us to follow Your perfect timing.

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Ruth Ann said...

Love it. Love you. You are a fantastic Proverbs 31 woman!