Friday, February 20, 2009

practice #1

I decided (against the advice of many) that I am going to make my own wedding cake. I know that I can make a nice one, (contrary to the example above) but I want to make some practice cakes to see just how much effort it takes to make a layered cake. After all, I want to be good at it so my wedding cake doesn't fall apart.

So last night I was at they boy's house with nothing to do. After cleaning their kitchen out of boredom (a 2 hour job) I decided to make a cake. So I whipped this thing up in about 4 hours.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring any of my circle cake pans and had to make the cake using some lasagna dishes. It is a bit lopsided because the drive back to Des Moines from Ames was a bit rough on it. I also decided that making a square cake is kind of out of the question because all of the crumbs from me having to cut the rounded edges off got caught in the frosting. I was pretty upset about it at first until I decided to make it look like it was on purpose and turned it into a cookies and cream cake. So cute!

I'm going to take my practice cakes to work (where they will be highly under-appreciated but quickly consumed) unless anyone has any special occasions coming up and would like a practice wedding cake to be there. I'm making one for Kim's baby shower in March, but that's it!

Some tips to remember:
-Buy more frosting than you think you'll need to make a couple of layers to hide crumbs.
-Don't use lasagna pans...just don't do it.
-Mistakes can be ok if you're creative.
-Don't drive a cake 45 miles in the sun with no one to keep it level!

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Lisa C. said...

I've also heard of people making several ~10" diameter cakes for each table at the wedding which doubles as a center piece (which you don't have to find a home for later).

You also have the option of many different designs, several flavors, and less layering -- of course you might still want a layered cake to cut, but you might be able to get by with nice 2 layer.

Then this could be more work than a layered cake & a couple of sheet cakes, though so choose your battle wisely....