Tuesday, February 08, 2005

not so phat tuesday

So I am extremely frustrated right now. This has not been the best of days.

Today promised to be a wonderful day as I was excited about getting to see Manuel on a weekday, going to Mass with him, and then getting to babysit for my favorite family in the world and see my Goddaughter.

Well...seeing Manuel had is good points, but for the most part I was just in a really bad mood for a few reasons: 1. We had to finish making and dropping off all 4300 of his sweepstakes entry forms and I was pressed for time as I had to babysit at 6pm... 2. I had only eaten one bowl of cereal at 6:30am, so my bloodsugar was dragging on the floor all day... 3. I have a test on Thursday that I have to study for and today was the only day I was going to be able to study for it... 4. I needed to get to the camera store before school tomorrow, but as our entry form operation was running behind, it didn't look like I would make it there before it closed and be on time to babysit. You get the point. There were various other reasons why I was in a bad, bad mood, but those were the main ones.

So my mood was pretty much ruining any fun that I was going to have running all over Ames with Manuel. And it did. The only wonderful thing about the day was Manuel's patience with and love for me despite my sharp edges.

I had wanted to leave Ames right after noon Mass to get studying and errands done, but that didn't happen as we were behind in our operation. So then I wanted to leave at four, but we had just started dropping them off then. So I knew that to make it back to Des Moines in time to drop off my stuff and home and get ready to babysit I would have to leave at 4:30 at the latest. Well, at 4:30 I was still there and didn't end up leaving until 4:55, which would mean that I would *maybe* have about 15 minutes to be at home. It wasn't going to be the end of the world, but I was very stressed and anxious and I kept randomly bursting into tears. (Poor Manuel.)

So I finally left and raced back home only to walk in the door and hear from my parents that the lady I was babysitting for had just called and canceled but she wanted me to call her and check out other dates.

I was so mad that I knew if I called her then I would be very tempted to yell, so I quickly called a few camera stores, found one that closed in 15 minutes, and rushed down there.

Then I went to go see Jesus in Adoration to try to calm myself down. I am a bit better but still really upset.

This has just not been a very good day. I honestly can only remember being this upset once in my life.

I know it's not the end of the world, but it sure feels like it today.

God bless America.

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