Monday, September 19, 2005

it's talk like a pirate day!

Ahoy mateys! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Today is the day when you get to live out the dreams you've always had of having a good excuse to speak in "pirateese" if you will.

Here are some links to pirate fun (although some of it tends to be a tad ronchy):

"Find yer inner pirate"

"Pirate Name Generator"

"English-to-Pirate Translator"

"Pirate Books, Comics, an' stuff"

"Chanteys for Modern Pirates"

and last but not least...

"Stuff for junior pirates"

Above is a picture I made a few years ago for my friend Laura (aka "Ra"). You see, Ra is a very interesting person and loves to have a good time. Well, one day at a friend's birthday party, we were playing volleyball and Laura ended up poking herself in the eye and got a huge blood blister inside of it. (It was pretty nasty looking.) Obviously, she was really embarrassed about it, so the next day she came to Mass with an eyepatch on. But this was not just any eyepatch, it was one from her 5-year-old brother's pirate halloween costume. We all had a good laugh, especially when we went out for breakfast because Ra started acting like a pirate. She has a fairly loud voice anyways, but she began to shout like she was a pirate (because pirates have loud voices) and caused quite a scene at the local grocery store cafeteria.

For the rest of the summer, we were all pirates. Ra gave everyone a pirate name (she was "Pirate," I was "Smee," and my personal favorite - Ashley was "Poison Breath") and pretened to have an invisible parrot named "Black Death" on her shoulder.

So I drew her a picture of "Pirate" for her to remeber the good times.

Also, here are some pictures of Ra in her pirate garb. (The way she's holding her hand in the second picture is supposed to be her "hook."






In conclusion, talking like a pirate for a day (or a month) be very fun and I highly encourage ye to participate in this wonderful holiday.

Thank ye.


sirhair said...

Yer walking the Gang Plank, fer not talkin Pirate, ARR!

Me thinks yer a land lubber... Aye... you ARRRrrrr!

Beth said...

YAY! I remember this was so grand!!!!!!