Monday, September 19, 2005


Tonight I was in chemistry doing a lab with my lab group of two other girls when one of the guys from another lab group turned around and asked "Are you single?" I just stared at him for a while and then said "...yeesss..." and he was like "Good! So am I!" Now at this time I'm thinking, This is really weird. Some guy who's fifteen years older than me is asking me if I'm single during chemistry? What's going on here? But my thoughts were soon interrupted by him saying "Can I work with you?" And then I realized that he was asking if I had a lab partner, which I didn't...but what a weird way to ask someone if they had anyone to work with!

It didn't work out, though, as he didn't want to work as a group of four, but rather as two groups of two, which my lab group would not hear of.

Oh well.

; )

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sirhair said...

you are pretty....
single that is ;-)