Tuesday, November 22, 2005

what i learned

Today after clinicals were over we were asked "What did you learn today."

My first response: "That I am slow at everything."

You see, I only had two patients to take care of, but for some reason I was constantly busy the entire day. I didn't even get their baths done until noon. (They sould be done by 10.)

But then I thought about it again and said:

"I learned that sometimes it's ok to be slow as long as you are giving the best care possible to your patients and they feel better as a resulf of the care you provided."

I remembered that they were very grateful to me and thanked me for caring for them so well.

That is what makes nursing worth it. Not getting baths done by ten, but having patients whose day was less miserable because you took care of them.

Also, please continue to pray for Paul Fidero and his family. Today his mother wrote something really beautiful. I think everyone would benefit to read it.

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sirhair said...

you're so amazing!