Friday, May 26, 2006

indian birthday

Hello everyone!

Thanks again for the emails and prayers! You are all serously the best ever!

The past few days have gone well for me. The old lady I was telling you about died yesterday at 2pm. She had a peaceful death, which made me glad. Now I have a friend in Heaven to watch over me as I do my work!

Today I also met one of the patients who is very lonely because she doens't speak Bengali, which everyone else does. She speaks English and some Hinidi. So I gave her a massage and talked to her for a long time. It must be so hard for her to be so alone without any family or friends!

Last night we had a volunteer's day of prayer. I got to sing in the choir and we used 4-part harmony! I sang alto and it reminded me of the good old days in high school! (Except this time I could figure out the alto part on my own by the music instead of listening to Dana, who sat next to me!) It was a good and peaceful night!

Yesterday was Kyli's birthday and she was treated like an Indian princess by our hotel! We woke up and there was a floral arrangement from Hakim and Nani waiting for her. Then I went to ask the owner, Mrs. Smith, if we could decorate one of the small lounges for her birthday. Her reply (while pinching my cheeks): "Of course, darling! You treat this like your home!" So we did.

The men working at the hotel were so eager to help! They kind of took the job over, actually. After we'd finished decorating, Nani came up with another floral arrangement and a cake from Mrs. Smith and the hotel staff! It was so sweet! Shortly after, another floral arrangement arrived from Sam, the receptionist!

Tonight we are going out for her birthday and are going to break open a pinata! It promises to be a good time! Maybe we'll even wear our saris!

Besides the cake from Mrs. Smith, Kyli got an enchanted barbie birthday cake which we shared with the hotel staff and some of our friends. There was still a lot left over, though, so we took the remainder into the street to give to the beggars. The cake was gone in about 90 seconds! It was incrediable! I guess we know where to go if we ever have way too much food!

Tomorrow I'm going to go into some villages with Kim and some other nurses to do care there. I am pretty excited about it!

Thank you again for your emails and your prayers!

Know that you are in mine!

God bless you,


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