Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the hypothetical game

Would you still love me if...

Yesterday Ryan came over, which was really nice. After dinner I decided to play a game that my sister loves to play with her boyfriend called "The Hypothetical Game." Now, Emily plays this with Grant, I'm half convinced, for the sole purpose of making him flustered. But the results are hilarious.

Perhaps you've never heard of the hypothetical game, but I can almost guarantee that you've all played it a time of two in your lives. All you have to do is think of something that is not the way you are now and ask if your love would still be attracted to you, still date you, still marry you, etc.

For example:

"If I gained 300 pounds, would you still be attracted to me."

This game puts people in an awkward position: lie or be honest and risk offending the other person.

The above question was the first one I asked Ryan and he stumbled around the answer for a while until I said "I don't think I would be attracted to you if you gained 300lbs." Then he knew that he could be honest.

For the first 30 minutes of the hypothetical game, we asked really ridiculous questions, but then the the next 2.5 hours (yes, we played the hypothetical game for 3 hours) we started asking really serious questions that were very hard to answer like:

"If you found out that I had 6 months to live would you have started dating me or would you keep dating me."

It was an eye-opening experience which both of us really enjoyed. I would recommend it.

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Ruth Ann said...

I love it! You are no longer a weirdo and it's pretty much garunteed that I will be playing that game with Joe as soon as he comes home. :) FUN. Good work on the blog. Love you!!