Saturday, May 30, 2009

& guest

My poor dad. He wanted to look over the guest list before I start making wedding invitations and just about had a heart attack. Originally, the wedding guest list I had comprised of 825 people. Ridiculous.

But after 4 months of painstaking, heartbreaking slashing, I've gotten the "number invited" down to 538 people. The reception hall doesn't really hold more than 375 comfortably, and I'm pretty sure fire code allows 400. So hopefully not everyone comes. (That's kind of an awful thing to say!)

But everyone involved has gone through the list and said who they think will and will not show up. The "number expected" currently sits at 380 people. So still iffy. I know some of those people won't be able to make it either.

If worse comes to worse, I hope we can do banquet seating or something. I don't know what we'll do if all 538 people decide that August 8th is a nice day to go to a wedding. :)

So needless to say, as my dad is reacting to the list I showed him (which was 559 at the time), I was glad I had never showed him the list of 825 people.

The way I was able to cut 21 people off of the list? I cut out a lot of & Guests. Every time my dad saw one of those he exclaimed "What are you trying to say by adding '& Guest'?! This person is single and it's insulting to put that on there. They'll probably feel pressured to go out and get a hooker as their date!"

That's my dad...the classic over-reactor.

So I'm sorry in advance if you either aren't invited, or there is no "& guest" on your invitation. Apparently both Ryan and I have huge families.

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