Saturday, February 27, 2010

babymoon day 4

Day 4 was rainy, so we stayed indoors reading and napped for a bit. By the afternoon, however, it was sunny and beautiful outside. We drove to a local church for confession and Mass. I was so impressed with the priests there. The priest I had for confession was young and had really good advice for me. I loved the penance he gave me. The priest who said Mass gave a really good homily as well. It was wonderful to see the church so crowded with people! We had 6 people in our row that was clearly only meant to hold 4 people.

After Mass Ryan found a crab shack, so we went out for dinner. It was really fun. We had gator bites with swamp sauce for an appetizer. It was deep fried meat from alligator tail. It was kind of chewy and tasted like chicken boiled in seawater.

Then I got to teach Ryan how to crack crabs and get the meat out! He was a natural! The Balches would be very proud, I think. It took us 1.5 hours to eat all of the crabs and I think we were hungrier when we left than when we got there! Apparently 6 Chesapeake Blue Crabs are not enough for 2 people for dinner.

Then we explored a little boardwalk shopping center called "Tin City" and headed back to our hotel to eat some more grocery store food.

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