Thursday, February 25, 2010

babymoon day 2

The second day of our babymoon, we decided to go to the beach. After getting our bag all packed with swimming suits, towels, and sunscreen, we explored Naples until we found a public beach entrance. Unfortunately, it was very cold. The air was probably around 50F, while the water was maybe only 60-70F. We waded a little until we decided to go to a park since we were freezing!

In the park, it was sunny and the temp was in the mid 60s, much nicer. So we laid on the grass for an hour or so until our parking pass expired for the lot. Then we went to the grocery store to buy food for the week. There we met an old man named Frank who told us all about the birth of his "enormous 9lb 14oz son!"

That night we drove to Ft. Myers to go mini golfing at a place that promised a chance to feed the baby alligators! Of course Ryan beat me at mini golf, which gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my poor loser side. It was all better, however, when we fed the baby alligators. They ate dog treats that were bobby pinned to the ends of fishing poles. It was probably one of my favorite memories of the trip!

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