Saturday, June 04, 2005

head up the nose

So let me update you on how everything has been going. My Aunt, Uncle and Cousins had a good time at the wedding in Santa Fe, NM. Below is a picture of my cousin Dave entertaining his sister Ellen's daughter Jessie.

And I had a good time with my grandma last weekend. We just relaxed the rest of the weekend as she was pretty worn out from all of the shopping we did on Saturday and Sunday. She had a good time showing off her "namesake" (that would be me) to all of her friends.

This past week I went into my Aunt's school with her and helped her get a lot of paperwork done. It was nice to be useful and to help her.

On Thursdays at my Grandma's place they have Mass for the residents, and so my aunt suggested that I go out there to surprize my Grandma. I did and was so happy that I could! The residents were all every excited to see a young person there, and my grandma was pretty surprized. One man told me that there is a tradition that the youngest person does the readings and asked how old I was. I told him that I was 107 and everyone thought that was the funniest thing it the world.

I am super happy because I have been able to go to Mass a lot lately! And last night a church was having adoration too! Oh! I was so wonderful to go. And I realized how spoiled I had been with perpetual adoration at my church in Des Moines.

Well, I should go help my family with yardwork now. I hope you all have a very nice day!

Congratualtions on graduation today, Emily!

God bless you!

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