Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ring pop proposal

Yesterday I wasn't feeling well as I have had a cold for the past few days. But I decided to brave the illness and drive up to Ames to visit Ryan. He asked if I had any grocery requests, so I asked for beef and vegetable soup, bananas, and cherry juice.

After going to the store he called to let me know that he had purchased a few extra prizes for me.

When I got there he presented me with two cans of soup, two cartons of juice, bananas, beautiful yellow roses, and a ring pop.

It was so cute. I exclaimed, "You bought be a ring!" And he said yes. Then I said that he had to get down on one knee and ask me a very special question. So he gets down on one knee, holds the ring pop up to me and asks,

"Would you do me the honor of consuming this ring pop for me?"

To which I replied with an enthusiastic "You know I will!"

Best proposal ever!

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