Thursday, April 09, 2009

make me babies

At Kim's baby shower, I overheard Kim and Allie discussing a website called Make Me You can upload photos of you and your lover and see what your children will look like. So, naturally, I wanted to see if Ryan and I would have cute little ones.

The photos I used of our faces might have had something to do with the creepiness of the babies that the computer decided to make. I think it's the full set of teeth on an infant that does it for Margaret. Donald actually doesn't look too bad, even though his little face is a bit pudgy. I knew we'd have red-heads! I specified "caucasian" for Margaret but didn't specify for Donald or the last baby! The last one I made (which happens to be the cutest) definitely got the race wrong so I named it "milkman's baby."

Little Margaret Babbitt

Little Donald Babbitt

Milkman's Baby

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