Friday, April 24, 2009


Christina's bridal shower is this Sunday and I am going to bring cupcakes. So, I decided to break into Ryan's dowry a little early so I could use the wonderful cupcake carrier that Joyce gave to us!

So Chrissy wanted champagne cake and Andrew gave me a bunch of awesome chocolate frosting that Kim had left over (hope that was ok with Kim!). Sadly, I only have enough chocolate frosting for 12 cupcakes so the others got white and blue frosting and had to go in the round cake carrier.

Joyce has the same carrier and so does Kim, so to avoid confusion, I decided to write my name on it. I was about to put "K. Balch" when it occured to me that in 3.5 months, that will no longer be my name! So I wrote "K. Babbitt" instead!

It's a wedding present, after all...that's kosher, isn't it?

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