Friday, April 03, 2009

my "seacret"

Anyone who has been shopping with me (or around chocolate, ice cream, waffles, or anything else I like, for that matter) will testify that I have no self control. I used to have Dana with me anytime I went to the mall to tell me that I didn't need something (what a friend)! It was always a big argument, and she usually only succeed in getting me to buy fewer of the $2 off item...but it was a big help.

Now that I'm a grown up, I think it's safe to go to the mall by myself. Wrong.

I decided to get Ryan a new shirt to wear since Vow of Silence got chosen to play at VIESHEA with Trapt and RED. (Congrats boys! You rock!) So of course I end up buying two shirts and a hat. But it was worth it because it's for my lover.

Then I am leaving the store and the Seacret nail kiosk lady, who is conveniently situated outside of Heritage, asks me if I want to try some hand lotion. "No thanks!" Nice job, Kathleen! That was a close call!

"Are you a nurse?"

I stopped...oh no! "Yes..."

The saleswoman grabs my hand and starts polishing my left thumbnail...oh no! "I am in the medical field too! I'm in med school. We have to keep our fingernails so short and cannot wear any nailpolish..."

Don't buy anything, Kathleen! Don't buy anything!

So... of course 10 minutes and two shiny nails later I leave the kiosk with not one, but TWO nail polishing kits. Awesome. So much for the hopeful, naive, positive self talk! Dana! Where were you?!

And the worst part is I paid $60 for it all! She told me that they had been $80 for one box, so $20 off was a great deal! I had to do it! Then at work someone said that they charge whatever someone will pay for it. Their friend had gotten two boxes for $30. And the website charges only $50.


She told me it would make my nails stronger, but then I realized that I was just sraping off the top layer of how does that make them stronger?

So, ladies and gentlemen...learn from my mistakes! Just say no! You can do it!

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Joyce Babbitt said...

So much for saving 2 cents on the forever stamps!! ;) But obviously, when you see the dining room full of " Ryan's dowry" , we somehow, at some remote point in time, came from the same shopper's gene pool......