Sunday, January 08, 2012


Well hello there! Don't worry, I'm still alive! Just been very busy with life and work and baby Eliza for the past year and a half!

Brief life updates:

1. I went PRN (as needed) at work and am now working 4 hours every Monday night so I can stay home with Eliza!

2. Ryan is now working for Zirous and loving it! He's working on his PhD after he gets home from work at night. Hopefully another year (or so) and it will be completed!

3. Eliza is 19.5 months old now! She's such a funny little thing and I really enjoy being able to stay home with her!

4. I have been crafting in my spare time and have decided to open my own Etsy shop! My shop is called Vow of Sparkles and I sell things that I sew, knit, crochet, etc! Stop by and check it out!

And that's about it!

Ok, so maybe this is a silly reason to blog after 1.5 years, but I was pretty impressed with myself for thinking of this and had to share my idea!

We really love smoothies in our house. And I also am a horrible judge at how much to put into the smoothie to make 2-3 cups. So I usually end up with about 8 cups of smoothie by the time I'm done.

Not that this is a problem...but I have never thought of a good way to save the leftovers before. In the fridge it all starts to separate and looks too nasty to eat the next morning. In the freezer, I usually put it in a tupperware and it was hard to blend back up when I wanted some again.

So as I looked at the remaining 6 cups of smoothie that I'd made the other day, a brilliant idea suddenly came to me...individual frozen smoothie portions! Let me show you what I mean...

I did it again...made WAY too much smootie!

Stuff a freezer bag into a cup.

Pour the smoothie into the "cupped" bag.

Now you can freeze your smoothie for later! (Am I a genius, or what?!)

Stack them in your freezer and blend whenever you want a delicious smoothie! Enjoy!

Love, K

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