Saturday, March 03, 2012


Today Ryan and I went to a Focolore marriage retreat. It was really nice to spend the day talking about love and communication. The idea behind Focolore is to love everyone as Christ loves. (Something I need to work on!)

The other couples there were all wonderful, and we had a lot of fun talking when them throughout the day. Ryan, proud papa that he is, was showing off pictures of Eliza all day. The picture he was showing everyone was a picture I took of Eliza in was the day she discovered that she had pockets.

One of the women at the retreat said "Make sure you remember that moment because nothing else in her life will ever be as exciting or make her that again!"

Isn't it amazing how little kids get so happy over the smallest things? Eliza was thrilled that day. When she first found the pockets, she ran over to me saying "Whas 'is?" I told her it was a pocket and showed her how to put her hands in her pockets. For the next 10 minutes, she proudly strutted around the house with her little hands in her pockets saying "Po-ket! Po-ket!"

A-dorable! Love her!

What an example to follow! I wish I could love people like Eliza does, not being judgmental, but being open and caring. I wish I could love everyone as she does. I wish I could find joy in the little things in life as easily as she does.

Good thing I have such a good example, and a good God to teach me to how to do it!

Love, K

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