Friday, December 16, 2005

bloody noodles

So this is kinda gross, but today I cut a chunk out of my finger when I was making linguini with vegetable ribbons. The meal was good, but it was kinda hard to get everything made with only one fully functional hand as the other was being wrapped in a towel in an effort to stop the profuse bleeding.

But dinner got made, at it was delicious. Come rain, shine, blood, or guts.

I feel so domestic!

Speaking of domestic, my friends Ruth Ann and Joe are getting married tomorrow! Please pray for their marriage. I know it will be holy and Christ centered, which will be challenging in today's world.

Also I move in two days! We were all approved for the apartment and will be moving in Sunday! It's really exciting.

And I'm thinking about joining a really tough exercise class to help me get in better shape. It's pretty expensive, though. I'm debating between just getting a membership at the YMCA and sigining up for this class.

Hmm...I'll have to think about it.

But for now I have to get going!

Have a wonderful day!

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sirhair said...

I hope your finger gets better! Have fun at the wedding... you can call me sometime on monday if you want.