Sunday, December 11, 2005

wipe that winshield!

A couple of exciting windshield stories from this weekend:

1. So for the past couple of weeks my widshield washer fluid has been frozen since it had the summer stuff in there (the kind without anitfreeze). This was really bad because driving around in the snow/melting snow was causing my windshield to be smeared with dirty water so I couldn't see. But I couldn't fix it because it was below freezing. Well, this weekend it got up to 35 degrees or so, barely above freezing. So my dad and I pumped out all of the old fluid, poured warm fluid in, pumped that out, poured more warm in, pumped that out, and poured new fluid in. We figured it would work, but alas! So my dad took the entire tubing thing apart, and it was clogged with dirt and such, so he cleaned it all out and it finally worked! Then he sprayed all of the washer fluid out through the newly-cleaned sprayers and filled it up one last time with antifreeze that can last until 20 below! (Hopefully it doesn't get that cold!) ;) My dad's the best!

...and now story number 2!...

2. I went Christmas shopping with my friend Maria today and we noticed that her windshield wipers were in shreds, so we went to Wal-Mart to get some new ones. We took the old wipers off so we could find the size she needed in the store. We determined that she needed one 22" and one 21". The only problem was that they did not have those two sizes in the same brand. So we went to Target and they had some, but they were about 4 times as expensive. But we got them and we decided to have a little adventure by putting them on ourselves without help or directions. ;) Have done this before, I decided to show here how to do it. I got the first one on after a bit of struggle, but it was worked. After that Maria tired to put the other one on, but couldn't get it. So I tried and got it on, but somehow managed to do it horribly wrong so we couldn't get it off again! Now, mind you, it was very dark and we just had a little flashlight to guide us, plus we didn't really know what we were doing. So we decided that one windshielf wiper would have to suffice and Maria went home to get her dad to fix it. God bless dads!

All in all, it was a wonderful windshield weekend!

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