Thursday, December 29, 2005

busy busy

So life has been crazy lately. When I moved into my dorm, it only took one day, but this move has taken a week and the apartment is still not fully set up!

Things have been pretty good for me lately, though. It was my dad's birthday on the 23rd, which was fun. He picked out all of his own presents and even bought some for himself for us to wrap up for him. (He must not like surprizes!) We got him a birthday apple pie...he was concerned that he'd drip wax all over and then catch the house on fire with the candles in this photo:

Christmas was good. My parents were originally going to buy me a bed for Christmas, so they weren't going to buy me very many presents, but then I got a free bed from Jesus, so they gave me money to spend on myself. This, however was spent on gas, groceries, prescriptions, and a haircut. Welcome to the adult world, I guess.

My apartment is starting to feel more like home now. At first it was really weird. I felt like I was moving someone else in, but then I was left alone to realize that this was my new home. Crazy. But I have been cooking some meals there and we've all been sleeping there now that Christmas is over. It's pretty exciting to be at this new stage in life, but also more uncertain and with a lot more responsibilites.

I still also have a lot to get done before I go back to school. We are having an apartment warming party on Sunday, there's a Youth2000 retreat next weekend, I have to get the rest of my school books, and still have to get all of the paperwork filled out to get my LPN license. But at least I have things to do. I'm ususally bored on breaks because I just sit around.

Well, I'd better be off now...those groceries aren't going to put themselves away! ;)

God bless!

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Dana said...

I love your apartment! I need to get one now. UGH. Hope things have been going well.... this should lead you to my new blog as well