Sunday, February 10, 2008

contracted at last!

This weekend is our annual Iowa 2000 retreat and it is going well. Tonight was a confusing time for me, yet I had a great deal of peace. When I shared this thought with my friend Ryan, he said "I might offer that perhaps you are at peace with where you are and confused about where you are supposed to go." Perfectly put, Ryan, you genius! I couldn't have said it better.

I signed up for the 3am-4am adoration time, which was a time of inner turmoil over "where I am supposed to go," but it ended with clarity. God is good. Each year He is so faithful to me, showing me glimpses of His will for my life.

(kim made a new delicious cake!)

On a lighter note, I saw my dear friend Angel who has been recently engaged. Without knowing of my love for cake decorating, she asked if I would be willing to decorate her wedding cake! I was so excited! Her wedding isn't until August, so we will have to talk logistics in the future.

Again, God is good!

Jesus, thank You for this time away from the world to reflect more deeply on what You are calling me to!

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