Monday, February 04, 2008

the older i get

It's funny how life changes. All of our plans turn out to be quite different than we had expected. Our outlook on life changes with each new experience. We even look different. I was just reading some old blogs of mine (as well as adding photos to my India blogs...see below) and am amazed at how young I look in the early photos.

Life is so unpredictable. At times this seems bad, but overall, it is very good indeed.







As I was reading my earlier posts, I found this poem I had written that describes how I am feeling perfectly. With all new points in life there is fear and reservation to some extent. We must, however, trust that God, in His goodness, will help us to discover His awesome plans for us!


"threshold of uncertainty"

I step reluctantly into the darkness
-----into the terrifying beauty of the swirling
-----------black abyss
-----known only to the Three
Uncertainty consumes my heart
Had I not once been assured of where this path led?
----Yet now here I stand
-------in the threshold of an ebony somber
And ever so silent
-------------------never revealing its long-kept secrets
------I tremble
------------I want to run to the familiar pains
------------------of things since revealed
------of a generosity too great, too soon, too certain
Yet my feet are forced to walk forward
----------further and further
-------------------------------into the night
Why do I fear?
---------Was it not You who created the darkness?
--------------------pronouncing it good
------Have You not promised to guide my steps?
----------------never allowing me to fall
Hide my inhibitions from me
----------------------walk by my side
---Help me to embrace the night
-------I cannot face the unknown without You


Jesus, please help me during these changing times in my life. May I remember that my plans are not as wonderful as Yours. Keep me always at Your side. May my love for You increase with each passing moment. Jesus I trust in You.

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Thomas Brogan said...

Great poem!