Monday, September 01, 2008

goodbye chrissy

At this very moment my wonderful and generous friend Christina is on her way to Chaclacayo, Peru to work at la Villa Paz Clinic for a month! Words cannot express both how proud I am of her as well as how much I'll miss her. She has been so in touch with God and has a great desire to do His will in all things. Such an inspiration to us all!

I am so grateful to have Christina as a friend. I met her in 2003 and she adopted me into her group. Without this divine intervention, I would probably have no friends and be miserable! I certainly wouldn't be dating Ryan, either, since he's in the group she adopted me in to. She has been a true friend throughout the past 5 years, holding me accountable as well as helping me to enjoy life. I will truly miss her!

God bless Christina on her journey. Keep her safe from harm and help her to touch the hearts of many in Peru, just as she had done here in Iowa. Thank you for the gift of her friendship. I pray that you would bless her work and help her to discover the plans You have for her while she is gone.

Jesus I trust in You!

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