Thursday, September 04, 2008

prosperity gospel

Ruth Ann had this on her blog. I also do not know very much about John Piper, but what he says in this video is amazing and so true.

The prosperity gospel has become embedded within our culture. Being Christian is well accepted, but it is not well understood. We hold onto the American dream, that we can be wealthy and prosperous just by living in America. Yet, rather than having a good work ethic, we want everything to be easy. So we pray to Jesus that we may be rich. And this richness, rather than being the beauty of following Him, must be in monetary form.

Being a Christian has become part of the American dream, right along with the white picket fence, 2 dogs that we treat as children, 2 cars, and 1.2 children (if that is convenient for us at the time). The perfect little family goes to church on Sundays and goes to work during the week, bringing home oversized paychecks that we don't need to share with anyone because it's our gift from Jesus.

As John Piper says in this video, "That's idolatry, that's not gospel. That's elevating gifts above giver."

What ever happened to Christianity being about following the example of Jesus, picking up our daily crosses and following Him? What ever happened to suffering being an opportunity for us to rely on God? Our culture today wants everything to be easy, so why would our view of Christianity stay true? It is not easy by any means. Our complacent tendencies should remind us to rely on God's grace...not to conform His goodness to our laziness.

Jesus, help us to hear Your Gospel with open ears and hearts. May we not distort what You are teaching us when it sounds too hard. Give us the Grace to rise to the challenge of Your Word and to follow the example You have given us.

Jesus I trust in You.

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Ruth Ann said...

YAY! So good, huh? I loved it.