Monday, April 25, 2005

clinical day four

So this past Friday I was back at the hospital for clinicals! It was a very good day. I felt very competent, only asking my teacher a few things throught the whole day! I did feel really slow, though. It took me about an hour to give my client a bath. But I also got to do some things that I'd never done before like give and injection, give a suppository, and empty a bedside commode.

Kinda gross, I know, but nursing is a lot about blood and poo.

The Silver Bullet

But I think that I will like being a nurse very much. It is great being able to help others by doing things that I do not find pleasurable but are necessary for them. I had to also wash her feet and it reminded me of what Jesus did for his disciples and what He calls us to do for others. So PRAISE GOD for blood and poo! And bless everyone who is sick in the hospital!

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