Friday, April 29, 2005

i'm a hero!

Today was my last day in clinicals for this semester and it was a pretty easy, relaxed day. My patient was pretty much able to do everything for himself and I just had to give him his meds and do a physical assessment on him. I was glas I assessed him, though because I caught a complication from the medication that he was on that people hadn't done anything about for three days. It felt pretty cool to be able to help him like that.

And I also talked to my nursing instructor about my comprehensive review yesterday and she thinks that I got 98% on it. The grades still aren't posted, so I'll have to see, but I guess I just overreacted a little bit with all of the doom and gloom and feeling "carpy."

Have a great weekend!

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sirhair said...

YAY! I'm sure he's glad about it too!