Friday, April 08, 2005

maybe clinicals aren't so bad

So today was an interesting day. I was at the hospital for my second day of clinicals and let me tell you, I just got thrown right in there! But unlike last time, I did not feel horribly inept. I was able to know what to do and only had to ask my teacher about things about 20 times (which is much better than last time when I asked her how to do everything).

And I learned that one good thing about having all nurses as teachers is getting to ask them questions about your own health and getting their professional opinion.

I have been feeling really faint whenever I'm at the hospital and both times I was at clinical I almost passed out/threw up. I felt really weak all day today and felt a lot of pressure in my chest. I tried drinking juice to raise my blood sugar, which had helped the first time, but that only helped for a little bit. My teacher said it could be a few things: dehydration, diabetes (which I'm statistically too old to get type 1 and statisically too thin to get type 2), or anemia. I don't really know what it is, but I've had this problem before, especially in the summer. I think it's probably a combination of the heat, the smell, standing all day, low blood sugar, and dehydration. So I'm going to try to drink lots more water next time and see if it gets better. Otherwise I'm going to make a doctor's appointment to get tested for anemia and diabetes. (I guess having diabetes would be one way to practice injections.) ;)

But now I'm off to help with a retreat up in Iowa City! So pray for me because I'm giving two talks and have been too busy to majorly think about them.

Then on Sunday I am going out with some friends, so I'm excited about that too!

Have a great April day!

God bless you!

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sirhair said...

have fun on retreat and with your friends!