Thursday, April 07, 2005

major oops!

So today we learned how to insert catheters and care for colostomies and about hydration and stuff. By the end of talking about "voiding," I had to go to the bathroom really badly.

So I went over to the bathrooms, but the women's bathroom is occupied, so I decided to use the unisex bathroom. (Get it? There's no men's bathroom because women's bathrooms are notorious for always having a long line.) Anyways. The bathrooms at my school are single stall bathrooms with a lock on the outside door and then a stall with a lock on the inside of that. The unisex bathroom also has a urinal without a stall. Ok...I'm getting to the point, but all of this is important for you to know.

SO...I walk into the unisex bathroom, which is unlocked, and get some paper towel ready so I don't have to touch the nob after I've washed my hands. Then I go around the corner to where the stall is and there is a MAN in there completely using the urinal and just staring at me.

I was so shocked and embarrassed that I was just like "I'm so sorry!" and left!

How humiliating for both of us!

But really...if you're going to use a urinal WITHOUT a stall in a UNISEX bathroom, please lock the outside door! And if you can't do that, at least say something when you hear someone else coming in! Don't wait 15 seconds or until the other person (who happens to be a WOMAN) has to come around the corner and see you using the restroom!

Ok...that's my story. I'm done now.

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sirhair said...

oh... sad! :-/

I'm happy you survived! ;-)