Sunday, April 03, 2005

threshold of uncertainty

I step reluctantly into the darkness
-----into the terrifying beauty of the swirling
-----------black abyss
-----known only to the Three
Uncertainty consumes my heart
Had I not once been assured of where this path led?
----Yet now here I stand
-------in the threshold of an ebony somber
And ever so silent
-------------------never revealing its long-kept secrets
------I tremble
------------I want to run to the familiar pains
------------------of things since revealed
------of a generosity too great, too soon, too certain
Yet my feet are forced to walk forward
----------further and further
-------------------------------into the night
Why do I fear?
---------Was it not You who created the darkness?
--------------------pronouncing it good
------Have You not promised to guide my steps?
----------------never allowing me to fall
Hide my inhibitions from me
----------------------walk by my side
---Help me to embrace the night
-------I cannot face the unknown without You

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