Monday, January 05, 2009


I was on the phone today when I heard a loud crashing sound right outside of my apartment door. Then I saw a lot of smoke. When I ran out on my deck, I saw a car completely on it's side. I quickly got off of the phone and ran outside. Several people were either running to help or were just standing staring. I was so scared that I'd find a bunch of bloodied bodies in the car and that I'd single-handedly have to pull them out of the car and perform CPR.

Luckily everyone was ok. Four teenagers had hit an icy curb and flipped their car, but had all managed to crawl out of the car unhurt. I walked up to them and asked if everyone was ok. They said they were. I asked if anyone had hit their heads, which they replied "Yeah, kind of, but it's mostly my hip." Their pupils seemed ok as I stared into their eyes, and no one was acting very strangely. One girl was on the phone with the police and the rest were just laughing about what had happened.

Seeing that everyone was ok and realizing more professional help was on the way, I went back inside. I was so freaked out! What a potentially fatal accident! It is amazing that no one was seriously hurt. Just to show you all, I snapped this picture from my deck, I didn't want to be creepy, but it was kind of amazing.

Thank you Jesus for protecting all involved!

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